Saturday, June 11, 2016

Family Fun - Nate's Day of Fun

I like to use the blog to document our family memories which is what this Saturday post is all about so, due to not blogging much the past few months, I'm still working on December 2015.  

We celebrated Nate's birthday as a family on Saturday, December 19th.  Nate got to pick what to do this day so we started out at Catch Air. We then went to lunch at McDonald's where Josh lost his very, very, loose, hanging by a string tooth (and cried and cried)  We then headed to Chuck E Cheese before getting dinner at Red Robin (Nate loves the fries!!)   Finally, we ended the night by driving through the huge Christmas light display!

We then headed to Catch Air.  A favorite of both boys!
 Nate always has a plan so he asked me to follow him everywhere and posed for photos on every single item at Catch Air. 

 There are four slides to the ball pit, he went down them over and over until I got perfect photos of him on each one.  I think I took over 200 photos while at Catch Air.

 This is my favorite photo of the whole day . . .except for the creepy character in the background.  No matter what I do, I can't quite crop that guy out!
 So this is my second favorite.  I love his adorable little face.

 Look at that loosey, goosey tooth!!!

These aren't great photos but the light parade at the local baseball park is fabulous and a tradition we do every single year!