Saturday, March 21, 2015

Family Fun - The Circus

We have wanted to take the boys to the circus for awhile and felt like they had finally reached great ages where they could actually enjoy it.  The Shine Circus came to town this month so we took advantage of "Buy Two, Get Two" tickets and headed out for a day of fun!

 We had fabulous seats.  We were dead center, front row.  We had no one in front of us and had clear views of everything. 
 Joshua - very excited about the whole day.
 Nathan - already figuring out everything he wants to buy, ride, and see.
 Darryl, the big kid at heart!
 Josh couldn't wait to get his hands on some cotton candy.  He and I are the cotton candy lovers so we shared this wonderful treat.
 The boys got to pick out some great sourveniers.  This is Nate's light gun.  Josh got a light wand plus they both got light up necklaces and some Sponge Bob Blow Ups.
 Super Cute! (Darryl and Nate, not the lady's butt behind Darryl hahahaha)
 Me and my boys.  :-)
 THIS is the Tiger tamer - wow, he was a character.  Totally 100% 80's everything - hair, outfit, dancing moves . . .he made us laugh.

 This guy totally intrigued the boys. They were amazed that he could walk on that high, moving wheel.
 We were very surprised to see the elaphants.  I love them - probalby my favorite act in the show.
At intermission, the circus floor was open with lots of activities.  The boys convinced Darryl to take them to a bounce house.  I stayed in the seats and used my big camera lens to find Darryl - do you see him? LOL  It was a ZOO at the circus during intermission so he was amongst many people! 

We really had a lot of fun and already are planning to go again next year. 

We left the Circus and got dinner before heading home.  It was really a great day!