Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teaching Tuesdays - The Countdown

Three Weeks.  That's right.  Three weeks until School Starts. This is different than past years because I've always been able to set our own schedule and normally, we would have started school by now.  Connections Academy, though, has their own schedule so our first day is September 8th.  The boys have been assigned teachers and I've heard fabulous things about Josh's teacher. 

I still have the same few things to finish up as I did last week :-)  Setting up the computer and watching a video session that teaches me what I have to do.  My goal is to get that stuff done this coming week. 

The boys have completely organized their desks, their way (and I about plucked out my eyebrows watching them mess up what I had done HA!) 

On Sunday, the boys and I each had a gift.  Someone, so thoughtfully, gave us all gifts - the boys got $1.00 each plus markers, crayons and more markers.  I got a travel mug and some truffles.  It was so thoughtful and I have no idea who did it!