Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Decor

I'm going to skip my normal "Too Cute Not To Toot" post this week in order to share our Fall/Halloween Decor.  I am REALLY late in getting our house decorated this year - I just did it this past weekend, actually, but I'm really glad I did because the boys have really enjoyed it.

 The boys each wanted to help me decorate.  This was what Nate did.  Yes, everything is on the floor around the bottom of the chair ;-)  We did have to rearrange a little so the matching metal pumpkins with handles are now in the boy's room. 

 The top of the entertainment center house my glass pumpkins.  Some of these were used as decor at a baby shower 4 years ago and then I picked up a few more over the years. 
 One of my favorite displays.  I made the wooden pumpkins two years ago and the Jack-o-Lantern is one of 4 that I have that my mom has given me.  The boys LOVE them!! 
 Another favorite - I think I've had this for about 15 years :-) 
 This was part of Josh's decorating  (I'll be honest, I moved this to the dining room table).  This stand also now houses a Jack-O-Lateran also . . . it originally was on the floor next to it where Josh put it ;-)
 Our marble table in the dining room.  This was decorated by Josh as well.
 The dining room table (which now has THREE jars instead of two HA!)
 I love this little display in the kitchen window.  For the record, it was almost 80 degrees the day I was decorating.  It just didn't seem right (But now it is in the 40's!)
 Yes, I have my very own black cat!  I actually also have a stuffed black cat that Josh claimed has his own.  He loves that thing - lays it down for naps, feeds it, and even named it Misty (which is our REAL cats name too!)
 The patio Door - I love it and so far I've kept the kids from taking the "stickys" off the window too!
The top of the fridge :-)  I love those two figures - I've had those for at least 10 years as well.

The boys also have a Jack-O-Lateran in their room and there is one on the piano:-)  Such fun times!