Monday, January 5, 2015

Make It Monday - A Christmas Gift

Every year I love to pick out a gift to make for the Grandparents from the boys.  I usually spend the year pinning ideas from Pinterest of things that I think look cute and then, in November, I narrow down my search to that one perfect item. 

This year, I found a super cute idea at DIY Cozy Home that I just fell in love with from the first time I saw it.
There is nothing better that hands and feet of kids.  It's such a great mile marker in their life. 

This is what ours looked like:
Now, I was a little fearful of this project because I'm not artistic.  When I started this, I wasn't sure how I was going to do the word or the bows.  The first thing I did was stamp the feet.  I kinda lucked out because the two siblings I babysit totally messed up their canvas - despite me saying, "Do NOT move your foot, they both moved!  This gave me a messed up canvas to work with so I could test out some different options.  I ended up using a Scrapbooking Marker to write the word "Mistletoe's" and then used glitter glue pens to make the bows and the dots.  I impressed myself :-) 

These were a huge success as a gift.  Yes, I have the kids I babysit always make one too and I make one for myself too!  I love making kids gifts that are Christmas Decor so the grandparents/parents don't have to leave them out all year but instead, get to take them out and "ooo" and "ahhhh" over them over and over again!