Friday, January 6, 2017

Weekly Menu

Well, it's back to cookin'.  I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks of little to no cooking (when I did cook, I kept it simple).  My sister-in-law made wonderful meals for us including breakfast and lunch.  What is better than being served food you didn't have to make that is super tasty three times a day?  It made me almost want to cook breakfast at home ;-)  (If only my kids would eat it, I would!)

This year, within my goals, I have a few specifics when it comes to menu planning.  One goal is to limit the number of times I run to the store.  I'm a once a week shopper - I've tried shopping for two weeks at a time and it is literally overwhelming not to mention I still go back for milk and fresh stuff AND spend more money.  Anyway, my goal is to go just that one time a week.  No special trips because I "need" something.  Darryl can always swing by our new Dairy Store which is opening in a few weeks, for a gallon of milk as needed.  I found that I was using the store as an excuse to get out of the house, which is fine, except instead of just buying a gallon of milk, I'd come home with 17 other things.  So, I told Darryl, when I need to get out, I'll say I'm going to the bank (which I will do) and then stop and eat a junior Frosty and read my book for 15 minutes.  :-)  I'm trying to plan better for the whole week and, in the long run, save some expense in the grocery budget.  The other goal is to establish a better month meal plan.  Even though I don't shop for more than a week at a time, by doing the basic month meal plan, I can pick up things that are on sale - especially meat!  The last area is my shopping day.  I'm going to try and stick to Thursdays.  The reason being is that Darryl often takes Thursdays off which means I can shop during the day.  I also like having a full fridge over the weekend since we all snack more :-) (I  say that and yet I already know I plan to shop on Wednesday next week since the boys will be gone HA! )

After saying all of that, this week is different because the boys will be at my in-laws for a few days which  means (wait for it . . .. ) I don't cook HA!

Here is our meal plan:
Friday - BBQ Cups, Tater Tots and Salad

Saturday - We have a family Christmas on my husbands side of the family today so we are all bringing snacks and salads.  I've finally decided on Taco Salad, Meatballs (Darryl's request), Cheese and Crackers (requested by both of the boys) plus No one mentioned dessert so I think I'll just make some brownies and M and M bars.

Sunday - Darryl and I are getting a rare treat - a day with no kids and no work for him so we are playing hooky (I know, don't judge) from church and spending the day together.  We both got money for Christmas and have some things we need/want so we are going to do a little shopping, enjoy some dinner out and just have fun.

Monday - Here's something we haven't done since this summer - we will eat at Applebee's.  Not sure if they still have the 1/2 priced burgers or 1/2 price appetizers but either way we'll still eat there.

Tuesday - I'm going to have Darryl bring something home - maybe Tacos from our favorite place.

Wednesday - The kids are home!  I'm planning spaghetti with stuffed meatballs (in the crock). The kids love Spaghetti and it is super easy :-)

Thursday - I love my crock-pot.  Tonight I'll throw a pork loin in the crock for Balsamic Brown Sugar Pork Loin, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans and Rolls.

Sounds yummy to me!