Friday, April 26, 2019

Weekly Menu

Can you believe that we are upon the month of May???  Wow!  I feel like I need to make up a menu for June, July, and August with about 14 meals and just rotate them to keep life simple.  But I don't know if I can really do that and stick to it!  I feel like we've really gotten stuck deep into dinner/eating ruts due to schedules and I'd like to get back out of that but I haven't quite figured out how to make that happen yet. 

Here's the plan for the coming week:

Friday - There is a fair at church tonight which includes free food (good food too!) so we will eat something light at home (sandwiches) but get things like Soft Pretzals, Sloppy Joes and Ice Cream at church!

Saturday - It's my Birthday!  We are driving over to my mom's for the weekend.  After dropping the boys off, Darryl and I are taking off for the day.

Sunday - We will be with my mom and we are going out for lunch before we head for home. 

Monday - Practice; TKD; it all keeps us hoping.  Sloppy Joes and Mac and Cheese makes everyone happy.

Tuesday - Chicken Almondine and Green Beans.  I had this on the menu a few weeks ago but didn't make it.  Since I have all of the supplies, we will eat it tonight!

Wednesday - We have nothing tonight.  No AWANA, no band practice . .just family!  I haven't made stromboli in awhile so I think that's what we will do!

Thursday - Tacos.  With Piano right in the middle of the dinner hour, something that I can have done before we leave is good.  Darryl can eat when he gets home; we can eat when we get home! 

Here's a recap from last week:

Friday - Tacos; That's exactly what we had!!

Saturday - KFC with my mom; We switched to Pizza Hut but still ate out :-)

Sunday - Easter Dinner - of course, that's what we ate

Monday - Scalloped Potatoes and Ham; I didn't feel like making it so we just ate leftovers!

Tuesday - Broccoli Cheese Soup; I made baked potatoes and we had other leftovers.

Wednesday - BBQ Cups and Fries; We had BBQ Cups and Mac and Cheese

Thursday - Swiss Steak - NOPE!  I made the Broccoli Cheese Soup instead!