Thursday, November 15, 2012


Have you ever noticed that life has stages?  They seem to sneak up on you, don't you?  I find that I'm moving along in my daily life, getting things done in a great routine when I start to notice that my "routine" just isn't working.  The things I used to have time for I no longer have time for and then it hits me . .. . we are in a new "stage".

What stage are we in right now?  Well, we are in the 1)Swallowing money 2)getting their own food out of the fridge, 3) interesting conversation, 4) too busy (sound familiar) stage.

1) Yes, yes yes.  I finally had a kid do something weird.  Nate swallowed money on Wednesday.  I walked into the living room to find that they had emptied a little piggy bank I have on my desk.  Josh had made a tower out of the coins and led me through the house with my eyes closed to "surprise" me with it.  Then Nate said, "And I swallowed money, but don't worry mom, it was just one!"  After asking him about 10 times if he really did swallow one of those "monies" and he said yes over and over, I called the doctor.  It appears that he's fine, now we just wait.  I guess if the coin doesn't magically reappear by Friday, I might call back :-/

2) I'm slowly rearranging how I put things in my fridge.  Josh has discovered that he likes to look in the fridge and find something to eat.  I used to keep chocolate chips in the bottom drawer so they don't melt.  They are no longer there.  HA  Instead I keep Apples, cheese, and lunch meat in that spot.  He also will search for things when I tell him we are out of something so now, if we aren't out of it I just say, "No, we are not out of it, but you don't need any more."  Otherwise he would go to the fridge and say, "Mooooom, look, there are still more chocolate chips in here" :-)

3) Oh the conversations that go on in this house now.  Nothing life changing but the full sentence, random topic conversations are just amazing.  I'm so surprised by how quickly they go from just little random thoughts to . . .. actual conversation.  On the flip side, now they can "debate" with me about things and well, I prefer to win those conversations.

4) One last thought for today.  On Monday evening, I was gone and my husband was helping the boys clean up.  Josh was playing with this tiny rubber caterpillar he got with his Halloween Candy.  The boys kept throwing it around and it would get lost.  Well, Nate threw it and no one could find it.  Darryl was looking for it and went into the classroom to find Nate.  He said, "Nate, you need to help us look for that".  Nate, who was working on a puzzle at the moment said, "No, not right now, I'm too busy" HAhahahaha!

So that's our "stage".  The boys love for me to play with them more so I often I chose blocks over cleaning and trains over planning so it takes longer to get things done but on the flip side, when I'm cleaning, I often get helpers.  Even yesterday, as I vacuumed the carpeted floors, I had two boys using the Swiffer Vac cleaning the hard floors so . . "We can be done and we can all play together mom".  So it really is a great stage!
Happy Go Lucky