Monday, June 2, 2014

The Garden

My garden.  I am not a gardener nor do I enjoy working outside but I do love to see flowers and my kids have a thing about picking fruits and veggies that we grow so I suffer through ;-)

 This is one well loved strawberry.  Josh finally got to eat it on Thursday night and he loved it.
 I'm so glad that I decided to plant the strawberries in a deck planter because they boys love watching them turn red.
 Nate is my little helper.  He loves to water and help me "work" in my garden. 
 This year, I planted a Citronella plant with hopes it would help with the mosquito's by the deck.  I don't think it is working. 
 I finally finished this flower bed after two years.  I picked out some great plants and am looking forward to watching it all fill in.
One of my new flowering plants.
 Another new flowering plant.
 Cala-Lillies are a favorite so I finally bought a plant this year and hope it will keep growing every year! 
 Hens and Chicks - years and years ago I picked out a Hen and Check to plant in our flower bed at home - I loved it.  I've waited for years to finally plant another one! 
 The garden.  :-)
 My hostas - my parents gave them to me last year and they are growing like wild-fire!
 More strawberries!
 These two photos (above and below) are some of my favorites.  Above are my black eyed susans.  They are a little rough right now due to some rain but when they fill in, they are huge and I love them!  Below are tons and tons of lilies!  I love that it is completely filled in :-)

My little helper again :-)

The next project is the side of the house.  I plan to plant some tall grass and Allum (sp?).  Hoping to get the grass in in the next month, lay some mulch and then plant the Allum in the fall.  I also want to plant tulip bulbs all along the house too!