Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

This is week one of my goal to save money on our grocery budget.  This may bore some of you to death and some of you will just find it interesting.  Either way, this is just a way for me to track the spending.

Trip one to the grocery store.  I had to go to the store on Wednesday because we were out of a few key things.

Meijer - Wednesday (Day before shopping day) - $23.06
Paper Towels - $7.00 - this was a huge deal - they had some paper towels on clearance so I got two huge packages of paper towels for 1/2 price.
Milk, Bananas, Peaches and yes, some ice cream ;-)

McCords (a local store) - Thursday $18.54
Two bags of Lay Chips - $4.50
Two bags of Chicken Leg Quarters $4.65 - Seriously folks, at $0.59 a pound how can you go wrong?  So amazed at that price.  They were $1.99 a pound at Meijer.
Three Pork Roasts - $9.39  That is not a typo!!
--I told my husband that this is now my favorite store to go to for meat.  I will  be changing a few meals I had planned later in the month since I picked up a couple extra pork roasts. 

Meijer - the main shopping $183.53
Don't choke :-)  I had to pick up some tolitries and also bought to huge packs of TP and got Paper Towel free because of it.  I guess really $7.00 needs to come off that total since it included 2 snow shovels for the boys that were on clearance. 
This should be the biggest shopping week of the month.  I will not need to buy things like paper towel for probably two months and I should be set with TP for at least a month.  I also picked up 2 packs of paper plates (without a dishwasher we eat on Paper 99% of the time) that were on a great sale. 

So, I've spent $225.13 so far for the month.  Yikes.  That only leaves me $174.87 for the rest of the month.  I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure I can meet the goal but I'll see how close I can come.  I know there are a few things on our weekly grocery list that I need to figure out other options for such as fruit cups that my husband takes to work.  They add up fast.