Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Goal Recap

I love much of my motivation in February.  I also never once looked at my goal sheet until the other night when I worked on writing this post and realized how much I completely forgot about doing!

February 2016 Goals
** I did keep up with our monthly savings jars for both us and the kids
** I did track Darryl's income daily]
** I did finally start the deep clean in the Master Bedroom and got the closet area cleaned up  
** I did plan out our summer activties
** I have kept my fingernails and toenails nicely painted :-) 
** I did send a small gift to each of the new babies 
** I've worked on making our Sundays better by cleaning stuff up on Saturday night
** Darryl's birthday was a huge success with lots of fun. 
**I did purchase new rainboots for the kids
** Josh is signed up for baseball

As march is starting, though, I feel like I'm getting a little bit of that motivation back so I'm hoping to be more successful on my goals in the coming month. :-)