Monday, February 15, 2016

Make It Monday - Valentine's Fun

My boys love Valentine's Day.  Since we homeschool, last year we sent Valentine's to family members.  Needless to say, they wanted to do it again (and they are going out tomorrow . . .a few days late!).  We also had some other opportunities this year, though.  Josh was able to fill out Valentine's for his on-line class and send them in to be sent on to classmates.  His teacher let us know that the envelopes of Valentines were being sent out so we should get those on Tuesday.  PLUS, this year, I took extra meds (HA!) and decided to take the boys to the Co-Op Group Valentine Party.  We did this like 3 years ago and I almost had a nervous breakdown due to the sheer chaos of the party.  Such disorganization - I packed the boys up and left.  This year, I figured they were old enough to do much more on their own so we went.  They were thrilled.  They filled out more Valentines (I swear, I spent about $3000.00 on Valentine's this year.  Ok, not really, but we bought a lot - good thing they are cheap!) I made our box .. .secretly . . with no help . . to save my sanity.  And I signed up to bring fruit cups so I didn't have to cook or worry about anything food related - I just bought applesauce cups :-)  I DID make our family Valentine's and was very happy with my creativity :-)

Don't you just love it???  HA!  Now, I can't take credit for this - my best creativity comes from other people so you can find this idea over at Our Thrify Ideas

 There was a compitition for the best decorated box.  I thought ours was pretty good - it included some pink heart flower picks all along the sides (the kids took those) and two Valentine balloons - again, confiscated by the boys.  BUT there were some UNREAL boxes at the party.  R2D2's, Lego Boxes, Minecraft, and more.  The boys have already told me that they want to decorate our box next year so they can win. HA!

Just a sample of the 47 8 boxes of Valentines we bought.  Yes, e.i.g.h.t. boxes.