Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!

This week I decided to take some ideas from Pinterest because several of the blogs I usually get ideas from are not doing their "Linky Parties" this week due to the holiday. 

Some day, I will do chore charts with my kids (I need to start this soon) so when I saw this idea from A Spotted Pony I really liked it but I also liked her post too.  I love that she got her kids their own little cleaning supplies :-)
My sister-in-law recently told me how she used to make activity books to give my niece and nephew over the holiday breaks to keep them busy while she cooked :-)  Well, I came across this idea from Playing with Words 365 for not only a cute Reindeer book but also a great idea for a game to go along with the book.  I think this is simple enough I can put it together for the boys to do in December
I really need a new tree skirt.  Mine is small and I'm tired of it.  I love the ruffled tree skirts that I've seen posted so I wanted to share this idea from Prudent Baby.  This is not a "No-sew" version but it still seems like it is over complicated and the tutorial is pretty straight forward. 
So I came across this idea by accident - I actually went to a blog for another post and saw this idea which comes from Just Crafty Enough and uses a tray table to make an easy ironing board. Considering the fact that the only time I iron anything is for crafts - this would make a great addition to my craft space.
Here is the idea I was looking for to begin with from Southern Lovely.  These stocking holders are great and I want to make them :-) 
Here's a great gift idea or just a memory game for the kids from The Idea Room. It has actually reminded me of two other photo projects I wanted to make for my boys for Christmas!
One last idea for this week from Familiy Reunion Helper.  With holiday parties going on I thought this simple game idea would be fun.  It is a simple idea and people always enjoy playing for candy especially if you do some of the candy regular size and some as giant bars :-)

Happy Crafting :-)