Thursday, February 22, 2018

Happy Birthday to the Big D!

Happy Birthday to this guy!!
He turns . .. . a year old today and the boys and I have fun celebrating his day even if it isn't his favorite!

A birthday pillowcase, birthday balloons, decorations, presents, his choice of a meal and his favorite cake! 

He brings fun to our family; laughter to our days; and works soooo many hours so I can stay home with the boys. 

He plays a mean guitar, drives better than anyone else I know (Did I tell you the story about how we were at the top of a hill and started sliding . . .we slid through a stop sign and were picking up speed heading straight down when he carefully put the front tire into a snow drift to stop us?  I would have crashed HA!), and loves to play games with the boys. 

Our family wouldn't be complete without his laughter and wisdom so 

Happy Birthday Darryl!