Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Busy Week . . .

Normally you see a "Too Cute Not to Toot" post on Tuesday but . . .this week life is busy!  WHEW!  My kids are gone to Papa and Nana's all week so Monday I spent shopping and I think I met my shopping quota for awhile.  This past weekend and all this week we are trying to get all of the final touches done on the kitchen - I'm priming and painting every single day trying to get the steps and banister done (Holy Cow is that alot of work but it will look so awesome when it is done!).  Added to that I'm getting things ready for a Bridal Shower on Saturday AND trying to get my normal cleaning/toy organization done that I always doe when the kids are gone.  I'll need a week off after this week just to recuperate! 

Anyway - my focus this week is on a few other things so I'm not sure how many blog posts will actually go up - it depends on how tired I am each night :-)

For now - just now that there are more posts coming with pictures and all that fun stuff!

PLUS, don't forget about my Thirty-One Party!!  Just click the link and read all about it!  You have until April 15th to place your order!