Thursday, June 5, 2014

Weekly Menu and Food Prep!

It's summer so you know what that means . . .. fruits and veggies galore and lots of food prep.  I've learned the hard way that if the fruit and veggies are not prepped quickly, they tend to sit and rot in the fridge, never to be eaten.  I usually go to the store on Thursday or Friday evenings and then do all of the food prep the following day.  So without further delay, this is what I prepped last week!

I cut up strawberries and put together two containers of blueberries - one for the fridge and one for the freezer since Josh loves frozen blueberries.  Added to that I cleaned corn, chopped up lettuce, and put together a marinated veggie salad for me to eat with all meals and even snack on during the week.  Plus, I made two kinds of Rice Krispy treats and prepped 2 huge packages of ground chuck for the freezer.  Finally, I got steaks marinading for dinner that evening.  We did eat it all and it was all good!

Now, on to this weeks meal plan.

Friday - Breakfast for dinner - when I planned last weeks menu, I forgot about a board meeting on Wednesday night so, I left dinner for the boys and Darryl (Hot Dogs and Mac and Cheese!).  So tonight we'll have waffles and Bacon for dinner tonight. 

Saturday - It's a family day!  This is the last "free" Saturday before my husbands surgery (the next two Saturdays are filled with extended family gatherings) so we decided to make it a fun day with the boys since it will be at least a month after surgery before Darryl will most likely feel up to taking any big trips.  With that said, we'll be eating lunch and dinner out.

Sunday - as much fun as eating out Last Sunday was - since we ate out twice yesterday, we plan to eat at home.  I'm going to try a new slow cooker recipe - Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with "Chinese" Coleslaw and Fruit.  We'll have that after church and then dinner has become more of a "what would you like" affair.  Last week Josh wanted Frozen Blueberries and Nate wanted Spaghetti (he only eats the noodles so it is easy!).  I always have soup on hand and there is usually cheese and crackers and Mac and Cheese so there are plenty of choices! 

Monday - Hamburgers on the Grill (YUM!) and French Fries

Tuesday- Pancakes - I may get creative and do a Strawberry, Fun Fetti recipe I saw . . .or a chocolate one . . or just plain old pancakes.  I'll serve up some breakfast meat - Sausage and/or Ham. 

Wednesday - Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potato (Another new Slow Cooker Recipe), Mac and Cheese (more for the kids), and Rolls

Thursday  - The boys and I all have haircuts scheduled for tonight so, just like on Soccer nights (which has now ended), we will hit our favorite fast food restaurants (yes, plural - we make three stops!) before heading home.

That's whats for dinner ;-)