Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Creative Memories

If you have followed this blog for long, you know that I love scrapbooking.  A few years ago (more like 4-5) I was a Creative Memories consultant but couldn't keep up with the requirement of ordering.  It wasn't long before the business when under and we all waiting not very patiently for what would be next.  It's quite a long story but the business came back under new ownership and the ability to be a "consultant" is super easy.  There are no requirements - the more you sell (or buy yourself) the bigger the discount you receive.  Since I was already spending money, I decided to sign up and save a little money.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite products and also a link to my "page".  If you are in need of supplies, I'd love for you to order using me as your consultant and help me earn a little income along the way too!

Besides the albums and pages which are by far my ultimate favorite thing, here are few other things that I love.

The Border maker set. It sells for $33.50 and is a great deal.  It comes with three cartridges up front and then there are many more to chose from plus they are always coming out with new ones for $16.50 each.  I try to watch for the cartridges that are going to be discontinued and buy them before they are gone. 

I also love these punches - they make awesome borders and you can layer them to make everyone different. These sell for $26.50.

Feel free to check out my page at