Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Teaching Tuesdays

I thought I would share you a few things the boys did this past week for their portfolios.  A portfolio is an item that I actually have to send to their on-line teacher.  Generally, I can scan everything in and send it via email.  It's a great system.  Portfolio items show that the boys understand things they are learning and also show improvement as we go along. 

 Nate has to write a story last week.  It had to have a beginning, a middle and an ending.  Now, for as big of an imagination as he has in playtime, trying to get him to do creative writing is like pulling teeth.  In case you can't read it, the story says, "I cook mac and cheese.  I eat mac and cheese, I let my mom throw away mac and cheese."  What?  He loves mac and cheese! 

Josh has been learning about maps and map keys.  His assignment was to draw our house and neighborhood.  It had to include our neighbors home, three "landmarks", two roads and at least three colors.  Yes, he did this all by himself.  Our house is the BIG yellow house on the curve.  His landmarks were the State Police Post just down the road from us, the Ionia Fair Grounds across the street from us, and the stop sign.  I was pretty impressed with his work - it took him 2 hours to put this map together.

I would like to pat myself on the back.  Last week, for the first time ever, we finished every single scheduled lesson, learned multiple AWANA sections, did our new morning work every single day and practiced sight words.  All portfolio items were turned in on "time" and Josh's reading group recording was e-mailed on Friday morning - the due date . . .not Wednesday of the following week!  I'm not sure that will every happen again :-)