Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest Challenge . . .and then some!

Welcome back to another weekly Pinterest Challenge!  But first, I wanted to share something else I made!.  You may recall seeing this cake in a recent Too Cute Not to Toot.
I said I was going to try it and try it I did.  I spent pretty much all day Monday working on putting this cake together - it is not a quick - throw it together kinda cake. 

First of all, I have to say that I do not have great success with layer cakes.  I like to blame it on my cake pans . . .I think they are slightly larger than what I need but I think the problem is really me.  I made the cheesecake and then made the cake.  Let everything cool and attempted to get them out of the pans unsuccessfully HA  I need to really get some parchment paper to use in the pans - I'm sure that would solve the problem.  My cheesecake layer and the cake layers were not the same size. . the cheesecake was probably about a 1/2 inch wider all the way around.  I'm sure a profession baker would have cute them to size but not me :-)  I just frosted that baby and let it go.  Now, my frosting . . .I lost count on the number of cups of powdered sugar I put in . . .it called for 6 and I did somewhere between 5 and like 8 . .. it was pretty sweet so I'm leaning more toward the 8!!!  I know you are dying for a photo so here ya go.
I know you are laughing so let me share another one for your viewing pleasure
HA!  What a sad cake.  Now, here's my honest opinion of this cake.  It is over. the. top.  I personally really liked the layer of chocolate cake and cheesecake but really didn't need the butter cream or the chocolate on top - the cheesecake adds enough moisture.  The chocolate cake is a great homemade recipe that I would use again by itself too.  The buttercream was not my favorite but maybe it was the extra powdered sugar ;-) 

If you want to improve on my attempt check out the recipe over at Bird on a Cake - she gives great instructions on how to put this together.

My one Pinterest attempt this week was a failure.
I found a recipe for a copy cat recipe for Olive Garden Dressing.  Wow, it was awful - very tangy and over powering on the salad.  Neither my husband nor I could eat our salad it was so strong.  We LOVE Olive Garden and this just did not measure up!