Sunday, October 31, 2010


So, I couldn't let the day pass without posting some Halloween pictures!  On Thursday night we went downtown for the big Harvestfest.  It was FREEZING!  But we still had some fun!
My little Elephant.  He did not like his Elephant hood and quickly removed it!
My Giraffe - I don't think Giraffe's like cold weather :-)

Today, Halloween, we carved our pumpkins!

Ok, So Nate just touched his but that counts :- )

Josh, the neat child, chose to use markers on his.  He really didn't like the guts !

This is mine - every pumpkin I have ever carved has looked like this!

All four - Darryl's, mine, and the boys. 

Than we went to a local church for Trunk-or-Treat.  Josh had a lot of fun!

He Played games and got candy

Nate just looked cute.

And we ended the night by going Trick-or-Treating . . .we only made it to 4 houses; than the elephant wanted to go home.

And so did the giraffe (don't you love Darryl's face!)
   So, that is our Halloween story :-)  We did have fun tonight and have two very tired boys (and two tired parents too!) 

30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge

Last year, in my Facebook Status' during the month of November, I challenged myself to only write a post that showed thankfulness (I even starte it with "I am thankful for . . ".  Some were easy, some where not.  I was thankful for everything from hitting a deer (we have insurance!) to the mini-van I had to drive while my truck was in the shop (and I hate mini-vans!) I noticed that November was better when I concentrated on what was good.  I also had quite a few people thank me for being thankful and that made me feel good too!  So this year, I'm carrying it one step further and throwing out a Thankfulness challenge.  Starting November 1st, post one blog a day telling about something you are thankful for in anyway you want.  By that I mean - share pictures of your family, a sunset, the first snowfall, a surprise or unexpected "something"; share a link to a song - I love music and sometimes a song reminds me of something to be thankful for; share a written post - it could be a one liner to a paragraph of something you are thankful for at this time.  Thankfulness can be funny too - so be thankful for the little things too! 

So who's up for this???  I wish I had a button for you to grab but I am still trying to figure out all of this code stuff despite some GREAT tutorials out there!   I spent about an hour the other day trying to get a code to add to the above picture to work and couldn't do it!  Maybe before the 30 days is up I'll be thankful for figuring out how to make the code work!1

So feel free to Link Up with me throughout this next month :-) I'd love to read what you are thankful for too!! 

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21

Day 21- A Picture of Me

Normally, I am the one behind the camera so I have very few pictures of me!  These are the two most recent - one from the Cider Mill trip and one from when we got Halloween Pictures taken.  

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