Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer Fun Week 12 AND 13

Wow, 12 weeks flew by.  This coming week is pretty much preplanned :-)

Sunday-Wednesday - Camping!!

Thursday - Recovery HA!  For sure laundry and grocery shopping.  There is also a school supply "give away" event we might go to and a color run event in the evening.

Friday -  I'm hoping to swim.  I'm ready to swim HA!

Saturday - Swim

So, I didn't get week 12 posted so I figured I would tie weeks 12 and 13 together.  It's hard to fathom that summer is actually wrapping up and I'm not thrilled!  Week 13 was pretty quiet.

Sunday - Nothing but swimming.

Monday - My mom took the boys to a circus that came to town

Tuesday - I had a leadership meeting for our homeschool co-op so my kids went with me and hung out with friends.

Wednesday - Today our friends that hang with us every day went back to school.  Hard to believe it's that time already!

Thursday - Another quiet day with swimming and a picnic at the pool

Friday - Today is orientation for our homeschool Co-op so that will take up a good portion of our day.  They also spent the afternoon at a friends house from our co-op - they went swimming, caught bull frogs, and Josh got to go out on the pond in the paddle boat. 

Saturday - I have no idea HA! 

So, here are some pictures from the last two weeks!

 The concert at the campground!  It's a favorite of ours - hearing all of the music played under the pines is just awesome. 
 Look at the serious "Ladder Ball" face HA! 

 We spent a good portion of our time at the beach. 
 More ladder ball

 Blueberry pickin' 

 More time at a different beach and the boys walked to pier (while I enjoyed the quiet of the beach!) 
 My mom took the boys to the circus. 
 And to do some shopping (with their own money for once!) 

And we ended the week with some fun outside - big ball base ball and "Swing ball" !