Sunday, September 15, 2013

Things My Kids Say (and do)

* The boys were playing with Darryl and were trying to "fix" his back.  Josh "cut" Darryl's stomach open and was "looking" inside.  Darryl asked if he saw anything and Josh said, "Just looking for germs dad, just looking for germs" :-)  Meanwhile, Nate was using a hammer to check reflexes.  He came over to me and hit my knee, elbow, foot ect and then proclaimed, "Those flexes are great, they are just great mom" :-)

* Again with the tools I heard this conversation:  Josh: Nate, I'm going to cut off your head.  Nate: Please don't, that will hurt.  and then Nate: I need to find something to cut off my leg.  Seriously kids?

* Nate informed me that his mom sleeps in a tent and he has 80 kids.  That boy has one big family

* We have a cabinet in the bathroom that has a broken latch.  Nate was studying it one day, then came out to the living room and told me that he needs a new hooker because his old one just doesn't work anymore.  Yes, I was rolling on the floor laughing and he had no idea why.

* Josh: Mom, sometimes boogers are really big. If they are too big, you have to use your finger. You can only use a kleenex to get the tiny ones. 

*Recently the boys noticed the grass was long . .. then I noticed that the house was quiet so I peeked outside and found them cutting the grass with their scissors.  Guess it is time to mow :-)  

* There was a rainbow after a big rain storm recently.  The boys saw it at home while I saw it while at the store.  After I got home, Nate sat on my lap and told me that they saw the rainbow and that there is a big pot at the end filled with gold coins that we can have.  I asked him where it was and he told me we had to go through the trees and over a BIIIIIIGGGGG hill to get to it.  He was so cute telling his whole story - I love listening to his imagination :-)