Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Menu

I shouldn't have even planned last weeks menu!  We did have a few things - Burgers and then Chicken Tacos but once we hit Tuesday - it went out the window!!  Tuesday night my husband and I got something out; Wednesday we did not grill but ate at McDonalds because of going to the lakeshore to try to cool off and then I left and went to my parents for the rest of the week to get out of the heat!  It's suppose to cool off this coming week so hopefully we can stick to a menu again!!

Saturday - Pizza - simply because the boys and I are coming home in the afternoon and heading right to a festival where I have to work for a bit.  We'll grab a pizza on our way in.

Sunday - Burgers :-)  One of our favorite meals to cook!!!  Baked beans and chips

Monday - This is a repeat from last week and is also a new recipe - The "Best Roast Ever" - but I'm going to use a pork loin for the "roast"; included in the crock pot will be potatoes and carrots.

Tuesday - Chicken Fried Chicken with mashed potato's and green beans - also a carry over from last week and also a new recipe :-)

Wednesday - Sloppy Joe Crescents and Cracker Barrel Hash brown Casserole - this was from last week too (see, I told you we didn't eat anything I had planned!)  

Thursday - Marinaded Pork Chops on the grill, corn on the cob, mac and cheese - The chops were planned for the 4th last week so this is, again, a carry over!

Friday - Crock-pot Orange Chicken with Rice, Steamed Broccoli and eggs rolls (My husband is bringing these home!)

How's that for an easy to plan menu since almost all of it is from last week!

I do have a new cookie recipe to try and also, I'm picking up stuff for some Crab Dip to go along with shrimp cocktail - I figure the next time my husband has a day off we'll have some fun food for dinner. 

Here's hoping for some cooler days!