Monday, May 6, 2013

April Preschool

I knew going into this week we wouldn't do much - if anything.  I starting babysitting this week again after a three month break and my main goal was get the Munchkin and Princess into a good routine and to then mold our daily routine around that.  Remember my Schedule post from about a week ago?  Well, I am following it to some point.  I am getting up at 6:00 am and getting my morning routine done so that I'm ready before 7:00.  Which is good since I've had kids up at .. 6:15 this week (that needs to change - I need that quiet hour in the morning HA!).  I am going to bed earlier but it is more like 10:30, not 9:30 BUT that is better than the 12:00 I was doing :-)

This week the boys all played outside alot, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom - with three little boys at the early stages of potty training, well, the bathroom is a popular spot.  (Man, I wish we had two bathrooms!), and I just did a lot of not much :-)  On Thursday, Darryl took the boys to his dad's for the day and that just left me home with the two I babysit.

I also spent this week planning (making lists) - planning projects, planning school stuff, planning how I will survive another summer with out dying of heat stroke :-/

A few photos of the fun we had this week :-) 

 Yes, I shared one photo yesterday but this shows how very happy the boys are to have the swings up :-)

 This past Tuesday was Parent Watch Night at gymnastics so we got to see what the kids are doing.  It was super cute to watch them do each of the various things.  One thing we noticed - the balance beam is not Josh's friend HA! 

The plan is to do more lessons this coming week but I will admit, I'm starting to get "Summer fever" and am having a hard time wanting to do school (I'm making note of this so when I plan a "real" schedule - not preschool - we can be done by the beginning of May!)