Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Do you have a summer bucket list?  We do . . or maybe I should say I do for us :-)  This summer, all 4 kids (my two and the two I watch) are old enough to do some "field trips".  Earlier this year, I was working on some pretty good plans for the summer.  I got a little sidelined so I'm working this week on regrouping.  One of my goals to take off and do things one or two times a week. 

Summer Bucket List Part 1
 We have some great parks with in about a 30 -40 minute drive of our house that I'm going to attempt to get us to.  One of them includes this awesome bridge along with a creek they kids can play in and lots of play scapes too.
 This is one of our favorite parks with the huge wooden playscapes and lots of shade trees. 
 Not to mention Mooville.  Not only do they get to play, they get ice cream too! 

There are also some other great parks on my list plus stops at ice cream shops along the way too.  

Summer Bucket List Part 2
Activities and Water
 We have a state park not far from our house so I'm planning to take the kids to the lake this summer.  I'll be honest, it's not my favorite beach but it is a beach with water so the kids will enjoy it.  As a family, we'll try to make it to Lake Michigan as much as possible too!
 Water parks!  I love splash pads because there is not standing water or deep water and they are clean! 
 The zoos.  We have 4 zoos within fairly easy driving distance.  I don't enjoy going to the zoo in the heat so I'm going to watch for some cooler days and try to enjoy a few of them this summer.
 We love Catch Air.  I love it because it's cool and contained so the kids can just run.  The kids love it because they can just run.  

There are also free movies to see, mall playlands to enjoy (because free is always good!), and a picnic or two to the airport viewing park.  

 So, depending on the week and any other events in the week such as Vacation Bible School or family visits, I'm hoping for a park day and an activity day.  Some parks, like Mooville, are also "activities" and sometimes we might just go 10 minutes down the road to a local park just to get away from the house.