Saturday, March 2, 2019

Our Week in Photos #9

We had another quiet week this week.  On Monday, our friends had a snow day so we had a snow day too :-)  Beyond that we really stuck close to home all week!

 We started out our week celebrating Darryl's birthday Saturday and Sunday.  

We ended our week with Friday School. 
 Josh and Nate in their Grateful Hearts class. 
 Nate's fishing class. 
 The Grateful Hearts class made "Get Well Bags" and then were supposed to take them home and give them to a friend or family member. 
 The boys and their bags. 
Delivering their bags to our most wonderful neighbor Cyndi who has been sick with the flu all week.  We love Cyndi (and her whole family).  They are the best neighbors ever!  I'm thankful that this time WE could help her! 
Finally, this is Nate in his Stones and Bones class.  The students were able to bring in rocks and minerals to share with the class.  He had lots to set out on the table for showing but the ones he chose to talk about were from Brazil that my brother and sister-in-law gave him.  The best part was when the teacher asked him why he liked the rocks and he said, "Because they are from my Uncle and make me think of him."  

So, that's our week.  This time of year when we are home bound due to weather, trying to stay ahead in school, and trying to avoid everyone else that is sick, we live a pretty quiet life :-)