Friday, August 16, 2019

Our week in photos #31

Here's our week in photos and maybe a few comments too!
 This was on my phone HA!  I love it. 

Saturday = just a day to get ready for camping.  Actually, the boys went to VBS with a friend in the morning so I grocery shopped.  Then spent the afternoon packing and getting things ready.   

Sunday = We got up Sunday and loaded everything up to go camping.  After lunch at home, we hit the road.  It was an easy trip and the fastest set up ever - 1 hour and 11 minutes.  BOOM!  (Yes we time it!) After set up, we all went to Meijer to do the rest of the grocery shopping (easier to shop then haul it all) before returning back to the camper for dinner. 

 Our fun set up.  

 The boys and Darryl headed out to get ice and wood.  Yes, the boys love to ride bikes everywhere. 
We ended the night by the fire! 

Monday = Time at the beach.  We hung out at the camper until after lunch and then went to the beach where we swam and swam.  The water was super warm so it was easy to stay in for awhile. 
 I couldn't see my phone to take a worthwhile photo!

 Breakfast in the camper! We keep it simple most days and just enjoy cereal and milk. 
 Passing on our tradition of making steak kabobs over the campfire for dinner. 
 Josh found a caterpillar.  
Nate loved the play ground.  He always makes friends! 

Tuesday = We started out at the camper for the morning.  We then headed into South Haven for our annual lunch at Maria's, our favorite Italian place.  From there we headed to South Beach for hours of fun at the beach.  We wrapped up the day eating at an awesome Ice Cream place before heading back to the campground

 South Beach is a favorite beach.  Today the water was COLD! BUT we still went in!  

 This is how much Nate likes ice cream HA! 

Wednesday = Loading up!  I cooked a nice breakfast before we got to work.  Once again, we beat our tear down time (not by much!) It took 2 hours.  (Yes, it takes longer to tear down!!)
 I kept taking pictures but Darryl kept saying "Will you put that down and help me HA!" 

We couldn't leave South Haven without picking Blueberries!  (I hate picking blueberries so I take pictures!!) 

Thursday and Friday = Unpacking and catching up on sleep HA! 

Weekly Menu

The boys and I were supposed to head out on a Homeschool Co-Op overnight camping trip but, as I was standing in line at Meijer on Thursday evening, I got a text that said it was cancelled!  At least I could pull stuff off the belt before I paid for it!! 

Friday - We have Sloppy Joe stuff from camping we didn't use so I'm eating that up along with chips.  Again, super simple after being gone

Saturday - Tonight is Chili Dogs with leftover Sloppy joe stuff and left over hot dogs! 

Sunday - Tonight we are heading to a church gathering at someone's house at the lake. 

Monday - Oh my goodness, it's another potluck!  Nate has another summer Tae Kwon Do practice followed by a potluck.  My plan is to make some tortilla roll-ups and a cheese ball and crackers

Tuesday - Tonight I'm going with a friend to hear another friend speak at a ladies gathering.  So, to keep dinner simple, it's just Tacos.

Wednesday - I think my husband will meet his dad for dinner this week so I think maybe the boys and I will grab something for dinner?  Maybe we will do Pizza Hut - Josh still has a coupon for a free pizza.

Thursday - Chicken, Noodles and Green beans!