Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Menu - The one with a birthday!

As I mentioned last week, since we have a birthday to celebrate, that person gets to pick meals for their 7 days of celebration!  That makes my life easier since I don't have to "plan" :-)

Saturday - I'm going to be visiting at a campground with my mother-in-law and (step??) sister-in-laws so I'm going to leave pizza for the boys.  Pizza is a top favorite of Josh's so it will be perfect.

Sunday - Hamburgs on the grill and French Fries.  Josh is a HUGE Hamburg lover so we must have them during his birthday week!

Monday - We are heading out of town for a couple of days to celebrate Josh's birthday and, really, just for a much needed family "vacation".

Tuesday - We'll be out and about today

Wednesday - Dinner tonight will be on our way home and we are planning to meet Papa and Nana too.  It should be fun surprise for the boys!

Thursday - Tonight is our town's annual Fall Festival.  The boys get to put on their Halloween Costumes and go play games and get lots of candy.  Dinner will be simple - probably soup and Sandwiches.

Friday  - Well, my Mother-in-Law has been asking to take the boys for a few days again so I'll be dropping the boys off.  I'm thinking we will grab McDonald's on the way out of town.