Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decluttering - Phase 3 . . a redo :-)

I have no photos and really, not much to post about but I didn't want to not post this week either.

I had grand plans when I wrote the post last week but, I took Monday-Wednesday off and spent Thursday trying to catch up on a few things.  Why did I take Monday-Wednesday off?  It was hot and humid.  Instead I played and had fun with the kids in the water and sat in front of the fan reading :-)

Now, though, my kids are at the grandparents house so I have a few days to get a lot done.  Here are my short goals:

1) The basement - this is top priority and I want it 100% done.  Without my kids here I can spend extra time down there and am pretty confident it will be done by Monday evening.

2) Cleaning - I've made a list, in order, of the rooms and what I want done.  There are some rooms that are harder to clean while the kids are here, like the dining room, because it is in use constantly.  I plan on having a very clean house by Tuesday Evening :-)

3) I also have some other paper projects/goals I want to get done this week too so I'm hoping to get some of those done while the kids are gone too! 

Sorry for the boring post :-)