Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I'm Reading

Welcome to another week of what I'm reading :-) I didn't get as much read as I normally do because we've been so busy but I did finish up a few books!

What I finished reading this week:
 This book by Lori Wick, Pretense, is really good.  I enjoyed reading it again and can see myself reading it in the future.  One of the things I really liked about this book is that it took you through the life of one family.  It started when the girls, Mackenzie and Delancy, were still in single digits and than walked you through their life - both the good and the bad - until they were basically about 40.  You walk through heartbreak, success, and how they come to have a personal relationship with Christ.  I really enjoy books where I get to know the people in the story.  If I have one negative it is that it is a little unrealistic at times, but it is fiction, right? :-) 

Moonlight on the Millpond is book one in a Trilogy by Lori Wick.  In all honesty, this series is not my favorite.  The stories are very simple and written almost on an elementary level.  I also feel that there are way too many characters and, because of that, too many things to follow.  Instead of really getting to know characters, it takes the first 1/4 of the book to even get everything straight.  Yes, I'm reading the other books in the trilogy but, most likely, this book will end up on my "to sell" shelf.  If you are looking for a simple read - go ahead and pick this up, it is still good, just not great.

Books I'm reading:

My Devotional Books:

What are you reading right now?  Any good suggestions??

Too Cute Not To Toot

Lets start off this week with a teaching idea.  I love the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" . .. and so do my kids!  So this idea from I heart Crafty Things is just perfect to add to reading the book!! 

I feel like I shared this one already . . .but I think I just looked at it and loved this idea also from I heart Crafty Things.  This idea is based on a sunflower and I love sunflowers :-)

One last idea from I Heart Crafty Things is a cute letter/reading/vocabulary game using a very simple, creative shark!  This would be great to use at home or in a classroom as a center activity.

I've posted about car mats before but, I wanted to share this one from Oopsey Daisy because she gives a great tutorial and shares some new ideas for really making it personal. 
Not Just a Housewife has been sharing some outdoor decorating ideas.  I really liked this idea that she did using mason jars, flowers and . . .her clothesline :-)

This idea from Come Together Kids is just so creative.  All you need is a toothpick and a banana and you have a new message board :-)

It seems like I just finished posting year end ideas but, I couldn't resist sharing this idea from La Dee Da Creations for a back to school centerpiece/dinner idea.  Plus the centerpiece would make a great gift :-)

Here's an easy game to create for your kids from East Coast Mommy.  This bean bag toss would be a great indoor game for the kids to use on those really hot days (or rainy days . . or cold days).

A Creative Princess shares a great travel Bingo game.  She gives a super easy tutorial and it is just one more idea to have handy for those road trips :-)

I actually read this entire post/tutorial because I was so enthralled with this idea from Naptime Craft Mommy for a melting crayon art piece.  This would be awesome in a play room or a kids bedroom OR it would make a very unique teachers gift.

I really like this piece from Clean and scentsible.  I'm saving it mostly so I have the idea if I ever get around to doing my "beach room" :-)

This is one of those ideas that just makes me shake my head but . . .it actually is a great idea!  (When I saw the picture, I squinted my eyes and than went "Seriously - is that what I think it is?" ha!) Check this out from Simply Designing . . .and than make it for lunch :-)

I'll end on that note because it kinda creeps me out in an interesting lunch idea kind of way.  :-)