Sunday, October 10, 2010

Randomness and Recipes

Sometimes, weekends are busy.  This one kinda was, even though I didn't plan it that way.  Granted, sometimes, I don't plan well :-)  We had a funeral to attend on Saturday for the owner of the company Darryl works for.  In between leaving the funeral and picking the kids up from our friends (who graciously watched them for us during the funeral) Darryl and I had a lunch date at Burger King (yep!) and than stopped at this great roadside pumpkin patch and got some really cool pumpkins and Indian corn for hardly nothing.  (I have an upcoming craft this week - just wait!).  Once we grabbed the kids, we spend the rest of the day running errands - the big one being Babies-r-us to buy Nate a new carseat.  He is tall and therefore has outgrown his infant carrier so we had to get a reversible seat for him.  Plus we did some birthday shopping for Josh too!  Today, with church, Darryl working, and trying to get some things ready for my hired handyman (aka my dad) to come tomorrow to finish up some projects for me today was busy.  I did get the carseats rearranged in the truck and Nate's installed plus Darryl got things ready for my dad so all in all it is all good!

I made a couple of things today.  One, I made some awesome chili.  See, I've always struggled with finding a recipe for GOOD chili.  I'm not a huge fan of the dish so I was looking for something that I liked and I finally found it!  It's called 12 O'clock chili and can be found here.  If you are looking for a new Chili recipe - check it out!  So I picked Chili for today because it is perfect football food plus it is October so it is cool and crisp . . well it is SUPPOSED to be!  Instead it was pushing 80 today so it was a little hot for Chili, but it was still GOOD!! 

Then, I was making our dessert for the week - Chocolate Chip Pound Cake.  As I was mixing the ingredients I realized that it was the exact same recipe I made a few weeks ago - Too Much Chocolate Cake. (Click here for recipe).  oops!  But, it was much better this time because I remembered to put oil in it :-)

Finally, instead of making cookies I made Cake Balls. 
This recipe comes from Kelly's Korner and you can find it here .  These are SUPER sweet - a lot like a Truffle. A couple of things - 1) I used yellow cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla coating.  2) Put this on a tray covered with Saran Wrap so you can get them off once hardened.  3) I ran out of coating before I ran out of cake :-) 

So, I have lots of things to post about this upcoming week!  Crafts, Recipes, Songs, and more.  Lots to look forward to :-)

Oh, and one last thing!  State won the big game!! YIPPEEE!!!!