Saturday, May 30, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #20

I missed last week - oops!  I'll share photos form both weeks!

May 16th ---
 My tree bloomed!  I thought we might lose the blooms because of a late frost but they survived and looked beautiful! 
Nate loves to swing! 

May 17 -- 
 Look how close they are!  Just before this photo they were actually sitting on the back of the chair -- right. next. to. each. other. !!

May 25- My Mom's birthday! 

 We got her a pack of her favorite TP :-) LOL 

May 27th -- 
Josh in his year end Live Lesson
Nate in his year end Live Lesson

Last week we pushed hard to finish school.  This week, we got to slow it down a little and just enjoy the year end Live Lessons.  Next week is the last official week of school!