Monday, January 20, 2020

January Goals

We were forecast to get a super huge storm this past weekend (plus we got more this weekend too!)   We did get a storm with freezing rain, sleet and a little bit of snow but it wasn't nearly as bad as they said it would be, which I am thankful for as we did not want to lose power.  From Friday Evening until Monday morning - we stayed home.  Darryl had planned to take the weekend off due to the storm and I made sure everything was done as far as errands.  We hung out, watched football, played, and enjoyed just being at home.  It also gave me some much needed time to plan, make my lists  and get some things typed up!  One of the things I got done was my January goals.  As I had said previously, the first two weeks of January were totally 100% school focused so we could finish up our semester  With that in mind, I knew I didn't need any goals for the first two weeks or goals that would take the whole month to accomplish.  Instead I wrote all of my goals with the idea that I only have two weeks to accomplish them!

So, here's the goal plan for January

1. One of my yearly goals is to go fun places and take photos.  I don't foresee us going into Grand Rapids this month so I'm going to try and find some place local that is fun to take a photo.

2. Scrapbooking - I have a couple of goals for this month.  1) Clean up my desk so I can scrapbook again.  2) By January 31st go through all of the "January" photos on my hard drive and make sure they are sorted and uploaded to Snapfish.

3) Reading - My goal is to read 4 books in January. 1) The Printed Letter Bookshop 2) The Bright Season 3) The Boy in the Photo 4) The Power of a Positive Mom  I'm also working on finding a book to support my Goal Word - Perfect Peace.

4) Cleaning - I've created my January plan for the rest of the month!   Now to accomplish it all!

5) Family - I'd like to go see a movie as the family - there are some really great ones out.

6)  Homeschool - Wrap up the 1st semester; Create a set of flashcards and a speed test for both boys to use during seatwork time: find division problems for seatwork time for practice, set up a Monday morning meeting time to start each week off on the right foot; Make sure both boys are current in their AWANA books

7. Update my Holiday journal with information from this past Thanksgiving and Christmas; Look ahead at my plans for Valentines day and set that in motion.

8) Get Nate new shoes and Josh a new pair of dress pants

9) Pick out a piano song to practice and . .. well, practice it until I have it down.  Also, practice my song for special music.

10) A friend shared a bible study online on James - I plan to start that this month.

11) Finances - Stick to my January plan for the rest of the month.

12) Complete our 2019 Taxes

I think that's it for this month!  Here's to another great year of getting things done!