Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March - A Photo A day

March 1 - A Clock
The story: My watch.  It has sat on my desk awaiting a battery for about 2 years.  Yes, 2 years.  Why?  I would never remember to take it with me when I went to the mall.  Finally, on February 28th, I remembered and it is like I have an old friend back.  I have missed my watch - Time is my friend. 

March 2 - Morning
 The Story:  Our mornings consist of . . .watching cartoons so this is a normal occurrence in our house - a kid, kicked back on cushions piled high on the couch.  

March 3 - The Kitchen
The story:  This is just one counter in my kitchen . .  see those misc. cans and boxes?  That is thanks to my boys,  Anytime I say "It's time to fix lunch" the both go downstairs and grab random cans of food from the "extra kitchen" (i.e. the pantry) and carry them upstairs.  Generally, you can always find a can or two of some random food sitting there :-)

March 4 - Where I sat
The Story:  Not much of a story - every night, after the kids are in bed, I sit on the couch, covered in my new lap quilt and play on the computer, watch TV and pretend to work on paperwork.

March 5 - Sharp
The Story:  Icicles.  Sharp, cold and lots of fun.  My kids love them and I actually have them in my freezer so they don't melt.

March 6- What I wore.
Totally did not take a photo today :-)

March 7 - Hair
The Story - My boys have crazy hair especially since they need hair cuts right now :-)  No worries, they got haircuts in the middle of the month :-)

March 8 - A Mess
The Story:  We had a busy day - lots and lots and lots of playing.  Amazingly, it is all cleaned up before bedtime.

Ok . . and this is why I don't do these challenges HA!  I totally did not finish this challenge.  In my defense, some of the ideas were kind of out there and I really had no idea what to take a photo of.  Now, if they post one for April I may try it again . . we'll see!