Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Teaching Tuesday

So, this semester my goal is to stay on top of all the extra stuff.  Journals, portfolio items, extra pages, plus holiday fun.  I've also let go of perfectionism and the need to finish every lesson each day.  Instead, I use our whiteboard to list what needs to be done each day.  It looks something like this:

Josh - LL 9:00 (Live Lesson)
Write 1 journal
Complete 5 lessons

Nate - LL 10:00
Write ABC sheet
Finish Art Project
Complete 5 lessons

By doing this, it gives me a focus and allows them to see what they have done as we mark items off. 

Another goal I have is for the boys to attend as many of their live lessons as possible.  I'm finding that the teachers are using the Live Lessons to give assignments or explain assignments in the upcoming lessons which is different than fist semester. 

Last week we accomplished quite a bit . We wrote out lots and lots of Valentines, Nate had an animal report to complete, Josh wrote journals, memorized word lists, and worked on reading.  Plus Live Lessons and regular lessons.

I need to take some more lessons of the boys working but every time I head to get my camera out, someone needs me!!