Thursday, June 14, 2018

A little vacation with a Wedding thrown in for fun

This past weekend the boys and I headed out on a road trip with my mom to Ohio for my nieces wedding.  This also included lots of laughs, time with family, and swimming!  I made a few observations as I drove through Ohio.  1) There are random construction signs.  For example, at one point there were signs saying that the left lane was closed ahead so everyone moved into the right lane.  Then, we drove about a mile and there was not a lane closed at all.  OR, there was a road construction sign that said "Road construction 4/10 of a mile; followed quickly by an "end construction sign".  Really?  2) The roads really ARE better!  3) The random speed limit changes from 55 to 70 to 65 and back to 55 keeps you on your toes! 

Our adventures started out with a Bridal Shower for Marisa.

 While my mom and I attend the shower, Josh and Nate enjoyed Donuts with my brother Kelly before heading back to where Kel was staying to hang out until later.
Following the shower was the rehearsal and dinner.

 Josh and Nate loved playing with their cousins.
We finally headed back to the hotel where the boys and I went to the pool and had some fun.  After swimming, we headed down to get some ice and ran across a gentleman with a pizza.  Josh commented on wanting pizza and guy said, "Hey this is leftover from a pizza party I just left, you can have it"  HA!  So yes, we enjoyed pizza from a stranger at about 11:00 at night before heading to bed!

Sunday started with attending church where my niece attends.  It was a really great service and I'm so glad we went.  We then headed to lunch with family where we had a cook out.  Then, we went back to the hotel where Josh, Nate and I spent a few hours in the pool and ended up with my brother Ken there too.  The boys loved getting to spend time in the pool playing frisbee!  Oh, and the boys spent 30 minutes in the work out room excercising!  That evening many of us gathered at Applebee's for dinner after my other brother, Jeff, and my niece and her husband arrived from Texas. 

The boys had been waiting for Uncle Jeff to arrive because he promised to solve the Rubix Cube and he did not disappoint!

Monday was the big wedding day.  We hung out at the hotel until time to leave and the boys and I enjoyed the pool one last time.

 Finally, it was weddindg time! 
These young men looked very handsome with their bow ties :-)

Wedding time:

Finally, before heading for home, some of the family gathered at Cracker Barrel for breakfast together before going our seperate ways.
 Uncle Jeff solved that Rubix Cube in 2 minutes 8 seconds.  The boys were very impressed. 
Such a great time with family!