Monday, December 27, 2010

My Theme Word for 2011

One of the blogs I follow, Women Living Well, is one of my favorites for encouragement and lessons.  Courtney's posts often cause me to stop and think.  Throughout December she posted a Peace on Earth December Challenge.
I have not participated in this Challenge - I had some other things I was focusing on throughout the month of December and didn't take the time to follow too closely but the title of this weeks post caught my attention and I read the whole thing.

One of the areas I've focused on this month is "Life on Purpose". I shared a post here with the first steps for setting up this system and have another post that I'll put up tomorrow.  All "Life on Purpose" is, basically, is a way to plan your 2011 so that you make time for the most important things in your life so that those things that aren't so important, don't take over.  I'm hopeful that I can get two more "Life on Purpose" posts up this week as well so you have all the info prior to the new year!

So, when I read Courtney's post about a Theme Word for 2011, it seemed to fit right into what I was doing already.  She challenges each of us to find time to get alone (she suggests going outside but, here in the North, it is way too cold and snowy to think outside!).  The scripture she suggests is Matthew 27 and 28 (but maybe you have a favorite scripture to read too!) than, take time to evaluate 2010 and commit 2011 to living your life completely for God.

There are 5 areas to evaluate - evaluate 2010 and decide what to do for 2011:
1. Evaluate your walk with God
2. Evaluate your marriage
3. Evaluate your children
4. Evaluate your Health
5. Evaluate your ministry

Courtney offers great questions and suggestions for each of the above areas so, if you are interested, read her post to read the full article.

Once done with your evaluation, take time to chose a them word for your year - what one word wraps up all of your goals for the next year.  I know, if you read her article, it will seem like I'm copying her, but I'm really not - something I have felt the need to work on is . . .to Simplify my life.  To take out those things that are not important which includes clutter in my home, things in our schedule, anything that gets in the way of my family relaxing and enjoying time together - laughing, listening, and loving fully.  Time passes much to quickly to have to spend hours every day cleaning and dusting, we have so many fun things we want to do each day!  I want my children and my husband to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing home, which I believe begins with Simplifying those things around us. 

Take time this week to focus on those areas, write them down somewhere for you to see, and look at them daily.  Search for ways to accomplish them - to do one item each week for each goal.