Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Preschool - Our Bucket List

Summer bucket lists are always a big thing in bloggy land.  Now that my kids are getting older, I wanted to make one as a jumping off point for our summer.  I started out with my list, then I asked the kids if there were things they wanted to do.  Eventually, I hope the boys will plan most of this list.

Here's my list:
1. Go to the beach 5 times
2. Go to the Free Fair
3. Take the family Geocaching
4. Visit the Zoo
5. Visit the Splash Park
6. Make Homemade Lemonade
7. Go Fishing (ok, maybe just the boys HA)
8. Visit the Drive-in
9. Go to Mooville
10. Visit Alligator Park
11. Go to the kids part at Meijer Gardens
12. Learn to ride bikes
13. Plant Sunflowers
14. Learn new outside games
15. Learn how to hit a ball
16. Learn how to play soccer
17. Make cupcakes together
18. Go to the park
19. Make a scrapbook of our summer
20. Catch Fireflies
21. Wash the truck together
22. Stay overnight at a hotel
23. See a movie
24. Have a picnic
25 Paint a canvas
26. Make a bird feeder
27. Go to a baseball game

This is what the kids came up with:

Nate only had one item on his Bucket List - to play with lots of bouncy balls.  So, I told him we would have to pick up some more balls, all different sizes.  That made him happy.

Josh, on the other hand, had a very interesting list.
1. Playworld (aka the Play, Play, Play, Bounce and Play place)
2. Eat in Restaurant - specifically McDonald's For Chicken and Fries
3. Eat McDonald's in the truck
4. Play at the park
5. Get another dinner in the truck
6. Rest at home one day
7. Go to the playground
8. Eat at Applebees
9. Go inside where Daddy works
10. Go inside a big building
11. Go to the flower place

Yes, Josh likes restaurants and food.  Can you tell? I honestly think we can accomplish all of what is on the kid's lists.  Mine is a little more "out there" but we'll see !!