Thursday, June 30, 2016

Less Is More

For several years I've been intrigued by the by the concept of minimalism.  The simple art of "Less is More".

I have a couple of friends who have embraced this idea already and it has worked for them.  There are different levels of minimalism (think about the Tiny House craze right now) and I'm not extreme at all.  Rather, I just really want to make sure that what we are living with is what we love and need.  I don't plan on getting rid of everything - just the things that don't really work in our home or life.

Every year, I seem to start the project of going through everything and cleaning things out but I tend to get side tracked about half way through.  It's a distraction, really, as you start to clean things out and get sucked into those on-line garage sale sites where you " think" you can make some extra money or the thought of a garage sale creeps into mind.  (I have two friends who did the garage thing recently and as one said, she made "$0.05  an hour" HA!)

Several of my summer goals focused on organizing or cleaning stuff out so this fits right into that plan.  It starts this week with the simple cleaning off of some shelves in the bathroom, cleaning out the filing cabinet, and cleaning out some kitchen drawers/cabinets.  I've picked up some boxes so that I can place things in those boxes that we don't love and don't use and then, as the box fills, it will go directly to somewhere else.  For the most part it will go directly to Good Will.

As I move along this path to "Less is More" I'm hopeful that it will help me focus more on when I spend money and what I spend money on in an effort to buy more and spend less too.