Monday, October 30, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was able to enjoy some time away this past weekend which always brings me joy.  That made me think that I should share a few of my favorite things again. 

 Lake Michigan.  I was able to be on the shares of Lake Michigan this weekend and that brings a peace to my soul.  The color, the sound, the magnitude of it all. 
 The colors of  fall.  This years colors have been much more muted due to the weather pattern but I was able to see a few beautifully colored trees while away this weekend.  
 This represents some much needed time away enjoying scrapbooking.  The middle building is where we scrapbooking and eat!  The two cabins on the outside are our sleeping locations - two beautiful little homes.  If it was just Darryl and I, I could live in one of those homes and be perfectly happy :-) Especially since they are a 2 minute walk to Lake Michigan! 
This photo popped up on Sunday - One year ago we were in Texas to celebrate my niece's marriage.  These two ring bearers are just too cute.  I can see here how much they have grown in one year.  That's just crazy!