Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My New Best Friend

If you have read this blog at all, you know that I love lists, calendars and planning.  Well, I came across a blog called Magenta and Lime and was reading about 15 days to a Simpler Home.  Low and behold she talked about something called Google Calendars and it almost blew my mind. 

I'm able to plug in my daily chores, monthly chores and even the quarterly chores and have them self-populate so I only have to do it once.  I actually have several calendars including a blog calendar, financial calendar, Homeschool calendar and a monthly menu.  I can look at the entire month or bring it back to the day and then fill in the hourly schedule AND print it!  It is so awesome.  One of the main things that I love is the fact that I can have everything in one place as a master calendar then make my lists needed. 

I'm still "dissecting" Magenta and Lime's full concept on having a more simplified home but for now this calendar concept is fantastic!