Sunday, February 1, 2015

Things My Kids Say

* Several weeks ago, when we went to the ER, the boys were beyond excited in the waiting room.  Why?  Because they got to have ice cream water.  At first I was confused too until they showed me the "Ice Cream Cone" shaped cups . . they were positive that since the cups looked like cones, the water came from ice cream. 

* While driving to my parents recently, the discussion turned to death.  Nate stated that the hospital he went to is where you go when you are dead and then, they bring you back to life.  I just kinda said, well, sometimes they are able to help people who are super sick . . .and almost dead.  Then both boys talked about the fact that if you get hit by a car you would be flat and your blood would be all over the road.  So then they asked, if you are flat, how does the doctor blow you back up so you are alive again?  uuuugggg!  I just said that sometimes they can put blood back in and that helps you get better.  I wasn't really ready to discuss being "really dead" (Maybe we should watch Princess Bride HA!) 

* Driving past a cemetery and I hear. . . "That's where you go and die."  Kinda.