Saturday, June 1, 2019

Our Week in Photos #21

Here's our Week!

 On Saturday we celebrated my mom's birthday!  We helped her do some things at her new home, had steaks on the grill for dinner and cupcakes for dessert.
 The best part was the candle.  I bought the candles that re lite and it was beyond funny.  Just about the time she thought they were blown out, they would start burning again HA! 

 We wrapped up the last of our school projects which were science project for both boys.  

 We had a Field Trip with our Co-op to our local road commission as they were celebrating 100 years of service!  We had an amazing tour, great food, and lots of fun. 

We also enjoyed the pool.  This was actually our second time in the pool but on Friday evening we had it to ourselves and it was amazing.  We just plain love the pool.