Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Decorations

Today over at Kelly's Korner, it is "Show us Your Life Friday" and it is time to share our Holiday Decor!  Enjoy :-)

 Our stockings are hung by the . .. door with care :-)  I've never found a perfect place for stockings but around this doorway seems to work well. 
 My little collection of houses.  The gingerbread house on the right lights up and is a favorite of the boys. 

 We don't have a "mantel" so the top of the entertainment serves that purpose.  This year I did less decorating than I normally due but I made up for it with lights.  Christmas lights are so simple yet add so much to a room.

 The boys each have a tree and they each decorated their own. 
 Our tree :-)  I love it and love to turn off all of the lights in the living room leaving just the tree on - it is so peaceful.
 Our dining room tree- this is our "Jesus" tree so all of our ornaments from The Truth in Tinsel.  It will be very full by the end of December!

 I also love wreaths - there is one hanging on every door in the house!

 Our outdoor lights.  I love the Snowflake lights above the front door.  They make me smile :-)

That is it this year :-)  The boys love it and that is all that matters.  Merry Christmas!!!