Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happenings in this House

Can you believe it?  I'm actually posting 2 weeks in a row!  I just thought I would share a few cute photos from our week.  We had a pretty quiet week this week.  Nothing out of the ordinary!  Darryl ended up with Friday off because he had hit his max hours by Thursday so that was a great treat!  Because he ended up being home on Friday, I took advantage of a last minute crop on Saturday and went scrapbooking for the entire afternoon.  It was a fantastic getaway for me being able to just leave and not have to think about anything at home.  Today, Darryl had a concert so we all went with him.  I usually always take my camera but I didn't today and totally regretted it because the boys danced and sang on stage during practice.  Before we even left home, Josh had to find his "guitar" (he has a play one) and take it with him so he could play and yes, he did play while the group played! LOL  Next time I WILL take the camera!

Here's our week in photos:

 Someday, I'm sure that Nate will not be fond of these photos but right now, he thinks my headband is a "hat" and always takes it off my head :-)  These were just too cute to pass up!!
 Nate being held up by Darryl - Nate balanced very well!  (Don't you love the hood? He wore that thing ALL day long!)
 Josh being held up - I love that huge smile.
 I left Friday afternoon to go to the grocery store and came home to THIS in my living room - the boys had tons of fun while I was gone! 
 These next pictures (the one above and the ones below) are from Sunday - yes the built more tracks.  Josh likes that Darryl builds them in a circle and Darryl loves to build them :-)  They had a lot of fun this weekend with all of the Thomas the Train stuff!

That was how week!  We are looking forward to a "short" week due to Thanksgiving and getting to spend Thanksgiving with my parents.  It should be a fun day!