Monday, July 15, 2013

Homeschooling - K4

It's hard to believe but we are starting school today.  I've spent the last week putting finishing touches on some lessons for the next 6 weeks, setting up our homeschool corner in the dining room, ordering a few things from Amazon and making my list of what is needed for when Nate also starts in about 7 weeks.  During this first 6 weeks, Josh will be the only one doing official lessons; Nate's curriculum has 10 less weeks of lessons then Josh does so there is not a need for him to start yet.  I still need to order our Bible curriculum along with a few other things as well.  I'm setting up work boxes to use with the boys which will give them some freedom to do their own work and review and free me up to work with them individually.  This is the first year I'll have the boys doing different work so that will be a transition as well.  I'm hoping that by working with just Josh this first 6 weeks, he'll get into a routine with his work that will enable him to work independently with some of it as we move on to future lessons.

I have an idea in my head to have one day each week that we do something together - a craft, baking, ect.  It takes extra planning and work so we'll see how that goes.

Here are a few pictures from my planning this week.
 I'm turning one corner in the dining room into our "school" corner which includes, at this point, just our calendar and a poster.  I do have a fe other posters to hang and am in the process of getting two 10 drawer carts that will be for the boys to house their daily work. 

 This is what I worked on all week.  I cleaned up a lot of misc. piles by finally getting all of this stuff put together.
 This is my idea binder.  The "July" paper on the front is actually a bucket list of sorts for the month with ideas of things to do.  I have one for each month and change them out as appropriate.
 Inside is filled with ideas.  I tend to print ideas off from blogs, pinterest, etc or they get lost.  I then have filed them in this binder.  It's a great resource and I'm sure I will be moving to two binders soon ;-)
 Finally, this is our daily calendar book.  I'll be working on this with all of the boys and will share more as we get into using it.