Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer Week 1

The other day I shared the idea behind our summer plans.  We've completed week one and here is what it looked like, what we actually did and a few photos along the way.

Here's what the plan looks like for this week and what we did in red!

Sunday - Church and a picnic!  Do you have any idea how hot it was last weekend?  We did go to church but we hung around home most of the day.  The boys and I did head to the pool after dinner to swim. 

Monday - Memorial Day!  It was so hot!!  We knew the pool would be emptier today so we headed to the pool around 1:00 and enjoyed swimming in the heat.  Then we had a cook out at our house (well, I cooked on the grill but we ate inside!!).  

Tuesday - The LAST day of school Whoo Whoo!  The boys finished up lessons. Tonight the boys and I headed to the pool.  We ended up with the pool to ourselves for a good hour which is one of my favorite times - we pretend like it is our own pool ! :-) 

Wednesday - The boys each have a live lesson today that they will attend and my goal is to take our "Last day of school" photos.  I decided to wait on the photos until after they get their haircut on Monday :-)  They look a little shaggy HA! 

Thursday - Cleaning day!  The boys room is first on the list and I hope we can get it all done today.  We usually do a big cleaning once a year where we pretty much empty everything out of their room, clean and try to organize things better in their room.  I want to get this done before the two extra friends are here all day, every day for the summer :-)  Well . . .Darryl was home.  Trying to clean the room with "fun dad" at home just doesn't work!  This might get pushed until the Munchkin and Princess are gone at some point this summer on vacation.  Josh also stayed at my mom's camper overnight. 

Friday - A trip to Mooville for Ice Cream after lunch :-) We also need to sign up for the Library summer reading program today too.  Josh chose to stay with my mom at the camper - since he is the one who really loves ice cream, we'll save this for another day.  (He got ice cream at the campground so does that count??) We will sign up for the Library program one day next week when we are out and about! Both boys ended up spending the night at the camper - a Friday night without kids! 

Saturday - There is a Classic Car Show in Ionia that is FREE.  I'm not really a car fan but the boys seem to like them.  The weather is suppose to cool off by this weekend so walking around downtown shouldn't be too bad. Now before you think we didn't almost nothing as planned - we DID go to the car show! 

 I want a pink car :-) (Darryl would say no HA!) 
I really am not a car enthusiast but it was cool to see the different cars.  The boys were most interested in looking at the dates of each one and found one that was manufactured in 1928.  They were also impressed that there was one from 2017 - a Ford Mustang - so I had to try to explain whey our 2006 Trailblaser did not count as a classic car 😁 I think thankful that our "little town" puts this event on - that small town feel is kind of nice sometimes.