Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weekly Menu - The one where we DON'T go camping

Ok, I had this whole post written last week but it was based on us going camping.  We ended up canceling our camping trip for various reasons including things like the chance for rain was looking pretty high (and still is for Sunday), both Darryl and I have been fighting nasty colds - the thought of even trying to prep for camping is more then I want to do even today as I write this on Wednesday - no one likes to camp while sick and my husband is coming off a long stretch of work meaning by Friday at about 4:00 he is done.  Spent. Has nothing left.  How does one set up a campsite when there is nothing left?  Last year when we camped, he took the Friday off which made a huge difference but, we couldn't do that this time since he is taking a week+ off for vacation in just over two weeks!  We are planning our next camping trip and it WILL include him taking Friday off and I think we might have to throw in a trip in September just for fun ;-)

We've decided to make this a fun family weekend anyway including the boys (Josh, Nate AND Darryl) doing backyard camping on Saturday evening. (I am going to sleep inside, in my bed, in the A/C HA). 

So, here's our plan for the next week:

Friday - Darryl and I both realized this week that we NEED some gillin' to happen around here so we will be having Hamburgers, Homemade Potato Salad, and "Ken's" fruit salad.  I may or may not pick up some corn on the cob at the store since Nate has been asking for it.

Saturday - Brats/Hotdogs and left over salads from the night before for lunch and then Marinated Steaks, Jacki's Asian Slaw, and Baked Beans for dinner

 Sunday - Darryl has a concert at a local festival so we are going to head that direction for the day.  I plan on putting Chicken Philly stuff in the crock pot before we leave so we can have sandwiches and leftover salads/sides from the weekend for dinner.  This is a new recipe I have been wanting to try!

Monday - Another new recipe that looks good - Crock-Pot Chicken and Noodles over mashed potatoes with broccoli.

Tuesday - Tacos.  I saw an Avocado dressing on Pinterest I want to mix up and try too. 

Wednesday - Darryl has practice so the boys and I will fend for ourselves.  Maybe leftovers, Maybe a pizza, maybe running out for dinner.

Thursday - I'm not 100% sure yet.  I have a big roast to use in the freezer and have a recipe I remember seeing that I need to find to try . . some type of balsamic pulled beef recipe; or maybe leftovers depending on how the fridge looks; or maybe something else.  I usually have to make a store run mid-week for milk/bread so I can always pick something up. 

I also have a new cookie recipe to try - I had it at a banquet and was just given the recipe.  As I recall, I could have eaten the entire pan but didn't want to make a scene :-)  They are a "bar" cookie which are my favorite in the summer since the oven only has to be on for a few minutes. Our other "big" dessert will be S'more's around the camp fire on Saturday evening (and then in the microwave with the leftovers all week HA!) 

It's hard to believe that when I post the next Weekly Menu, it will take us up to vacation. We cannot wait!!