Monday, January 21, 2013

January Preschool

Our week was again, a little discombobulated due to having extra kids here but we still managed to get a few things done.

 We finished up learning about the Letter "A" by making our letter craft thanks to Totally Tots
Josh took a real interest in a computer game that I actually picked up over a year ago for him.  It's a Charlie Church Mouse (aka as Chuck-E-Cheese according to my kids).  Josh managed to figure out every single game and yes, he played for about 3-4 hours.  (don't judge).  I have installed the game on our old computer so he doesn't have to play on mine anymore and we have a timer set up - 20 minutes is what we are working on for now.  Enough time to play a few games but not enough to get brain fried!

 Window crayons made a reappearance at our house this week.  Any window that the boys could reach were covered .. as was their hair, clothes, hands (their fingernails - nasty!).  THEN they had fun cleaning the big slider - for real. 
Some of our lessons this week are what I would call "real life" lessons.  On Tuesday, the boys got to help Papa fix some lights in our house.  On Thursday, the boys got to help Darryl fix the Dishwasher.  They are such good helpers.  They also went to get haircuts - we taught them that it is important to look good for the ladies.  HA.

On Friday, we did not have extra kids so we actually did a full lesson and started Letter "B".  At the end of our lesson, they got to open a box that Nana had sent them in the mail.  It was cute because I showed them the box and told them that Papa and Nana sent it . . Nate said, "But where is Papa, why is he hiding?"   Isn't that cute? I explained that they mailed it because they missed them.  They enjoyed their treats :-)

I had hoped to get through a little more than I did this week but that is one of the joys of homeschooling - we are able to go with the flow!  Next week we are planning to get through the entire lesson on Letter B and do some fun winter related things as well since winter is actually here!