Friday, March 16, 2018

Weekly Menu

Our past week went a little different.  I ended up down with a Migraine on Saturday and then sick at the beginning of the week with a really badly swollen and sore throat.  I didn't actually go to the store until Tuesday so we were getting creative with meals here (but amazingly, we didn't starve and there was always something for dinner!)  That's one way to clean out the freezer, cupboards and fridge!  Thankfully I'm feeling better, I did grocery shopping and life is getting back to normal :-)

Friday - Tonight is presentation night for our Co-op so I don't have to cook!  There is a Pulled Pork dinner being served so that takes care of dinner. 

Saturday - It's St. Patrick's Day!  It's our traditional dinner of Stuffed Cabbage in the Crock Pot, Crash Potatoes, and Rainbow Jello. 

Sunday - Beef Tips and Mashed Potatoes and Salad.

Monday - Sticky BBQ Meatballs, Cheesy Cauliflower casserole and Marinated Veggies

Tuesday - Sausage and Cream Cheese Breakfast Casserole, Grits, and Fried Zucchini

Wednesday - It's AWANA night!  (What am I going to do when AWANA is done - I won't have excuse to not cook HA!)

Thursday - Our typical night of Taco's before bowling!